The body is more powerful than you think. The body is more intelligent than you think.

Having brought myself back from injury a few times I know what its like to be patient and work within your own boundaries. I also know what is like to break through your limitations.


During my training and practice spanning 20 years I have learned both strong and soft postures - After all every body is unique and has different needs.


As well as lengthening and articulating the body I also like to move into deep relaxation too.


I like to work with people recovering from

serious illnesses.

I like to work with people who are stressed.

I like to work with people who have been at their

desks too long!


For me yoga is a voyage around the body

where we attempt to check in at each opportunity.


Stay in the loop with my practice, tips and techniques.


I will be regularly  posting on my blog and providing updates on my Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Thanks Steve

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