I am trained in Yoga Nidra - which  is a form of sleep meditation or deep relaxation.

I have been incredibly lucky to have studied with the leading modern scholars and practitioners of

Nidra at the Yoga Nidra Network - Uma Dinsmore -Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli


It is impossible to ignore the connection between the discoveries of current day neuro-scientists and brain researchers and those enlightened yogis who centuries ago evolved the practice of Yoga Nidra. The Yoga masters of former ages did not however devise this powerful technique as a way of combating disease, insomnia or fatigue. Instead it was a way of attaining higher consciousness by expanding and liberating awareness from a fixation with the physical body and sensory modalities towards more psychic and spiritual dimensions.


In the context of modern life we can recognize  that excessive reliance on and overdrive of the body, mind and sensory channels can lead to nervous depletion and breakdown. With all the stress of modern life the body’s resistance is sapped away and the equilibrium of the body, even at rest, becomes disturbed leading to anxiety and insomnia.


























Let me relax you with my own Nidras written to help you escape and drift away to a more relaxed space…


Nidra means sleep – no matter how or why.

But Yoga Nidra means sleep after throwing off the burdens – it is the experience of absolute relaxation. The “relaxation response” of Yoga Nidra is the opposite of the so called “fight or flight response”.


Since we were cavemen our emergency coping mechanism has been to activate our sympathetic nervous system in order to prepare for imminent danger. The problem now is that in the modern world this is constantly over-activated. Yoga Nidra induces decreased sympathetic (excitory) nervous activity and increased parasympathetic (relaxatory) activity.

Here is the Nidra recording

Dream journey.

The incredible music accompanying this nidra is by the talented Chris Kimber.
His amazing music is available on his website


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